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Running a business is always driven by balancing internal and external pressures: customers vs employees, price vs performance and results vs sustainability. The role of the senior executives leading a company is complex, often lonely and certainly quite dynamic.

The founders of Results2Match noticed throughout their careers that true help for senior executives is hard to find. Business colleagues have their own challenges and agenda’s, myriads of consultants offer their help, but never truly independent and always at a price.

Results2Match wants to help company owners and senior executives to address business, technical and organizational challenges by listening and giving crisp independent advice. Peer-to-peer a no strings attached.

Founder Bio’s

Hans van Nes “No pain, no change; no change no money”

Hans van Nes is a seasoned senior manager with a broad spectrum of interest and almost 30 years of international experience in the top-segment of delivering ICT solutions.

Building or re-building organizations or business units, either as a results of mergers or from within, are a red thread throughout his career. Selecting, coaching and motivating individuals and teams are one part of the equation, but always in balance with managing targets, costs and results.

Keywords (in alphabetical order)

accountability, architectures, business solutions, C-level manager, change manager, coach, communication, entrepreneur, innovation, power, respect & trust, revenue growth, team player, vision.

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Hans Lodder “A day nothing learned is a day not worth living”

Hans Lodder is since 1976 working in business and ICT roles. In general he acts as business consultant, with frequent side steps work to assignments in IT architecture and IT projects.

Common denominator in his roles and assignments is constant business improvement, either as targeted goal or as part of a larger change program. Always analyzing business processes from its current 'Ist' situation and defining a new 'Soll' future. Consistent implementation and risk management, using a controllable step by step approach, are part of his trade mark.

Keywords (in alphabetical order)

Business analyst, business improver, change consultant, helicopter view, innovator, multidisciplinary, management consultant, P&L line manager.

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The Results2Match community comprises many relations the founders met during their careers. Long before social networks became commodity, Results2Match matched demands for quality resources with people and organizations the know and trust.
Although often very different in backgrounds, all community members have a few things in common:

  • Independence
  • Quality
  • Drive

Because the independency element is key to us community members may act under the Results2Match umbrella but more often will deliver their support directly under their own name.


Being truly independent of course limits the possibility of formal partnerships. For this reason we do not seek these “paper partnerships”. But if your issue or circumstance requires a solution which we think you should get from a specific supplier or vendor, we will not hesitate to team with those companies and offer you the best solution at hand. We call this case-by-case partnerships: composing the best solution for your given issue. We don’t discriminate on size or origin of suppliers: only the quality, as perceived by the Results2Match community, counts.

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