Advantages of the Business Process Competence Center (BPCC)

A BPCC can bring significant cost reductions optimizing extensive operational pr

Business processes are very important to an organization. Giving processes attention is therefore very worthwhile. But when do you need a Business Process Competence Center (BPCC)?

Knowledge about business processes can be seen as being part of the company assets. This is a good line of thinking. This capital management should be done by business management. Business management can decide to delegate business process management to other staff.

The Business Process Competence Center (BPCC)

Some companies introduce a BPCC. In such a center you will find experts on requirements management, modeling and analysis, design of business processes, management of business assets, and business process transformation. The BPCC center will deliver services to the business lines. The BPCC helps them to organize their business processes in better way, and helps to optimize business process in a structured way.

A business manager will always remain responsible for the decisions regarding his own business. Such a BPCC center can provide him with advice, but will never take over responsibility for decisions. As such it is the decision of a business manger whether he regards the investment in the services of a center worthwhile or not. This is not different from other investment decisions.

The Competences of a BPCC

In the BPCC center work several disciplines together in as multidisciplinary fashion:

  • Requirements planning
    Business requirements and the management thereof, including versions and releases.
  • Modeling and analysis
    Systematic modeling and specification analysis of the 'Ist' business process.
  • Design
    Design and validation of the 'Soll' business process
  • Management of assets
    Translation of specifications and the physical business process into capital figures (Euros!).
  • Business process transformation
    The step-wise risk-averse transformation of the existing 'Ist' situation of the business process into the new 'Soll' situation of the business process.

The Business Case for Business Process Optimization and Transformation

Creating a business case for a business issue is usually a difficult task. Here we will mention some possible improvements that we see frequently and that usually are a perfect driver for a business process transformation.

3 improvement types occur often:

  • Elimination of faulty process results and outcomes
    To use scarce resources in a process with a negative outcome is waste. Systematic reduction of waste is an important improvement aspect for processes.
  • Elimination of unnecessary activities
    Through historical grown situations it often occurs that activities are put together like links of a chain. Usually it is better to redesign the business process, eliminate a number of links, and let ICT systems perform the integration work.
  • Improvement of the business process management
    Often it is difficult for management to influence a business process. By introducing Key Business Requirements (KBR's) per business process, link each KBR to 1 or more Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), and introduce a dynamic action oriented dashboard management can come back into control.

Your situation: A BPCC, or not?

Can a BPCC help you? Yes, it can. Is a BPCC necessary? No, it is not. When would I advise you to open one? If you intent to transform 3 or more major business processes, I would temporarily start one.

Are you satisfied with your business processes? Do you have the necessary competences, tools, and resources? Have you been successful with your business process transformations? Let us know! Send us your feedback!

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