Alternative Approach

Solutions for business issues are too often sought in using complex technology and massive organizational changes, often leading to large investments and even larger write-offs on earlier solutions.

Results2Match takes a far more pragmatic route: if the missing puzzle piece is found and placed correctly in the overall picture, you have your solution. There is no need to buy a complete new jigsaw puzzle at all!

This explains the use of our logo: use the best solution for a task or problem at hand, not discriminating on tools, methods or suppliers but just make it happen at an ambition level and price that match with the business value at hand.

Frequently heard objections

When Results2Match turns up, be prepared that your employees always know better:

  • "But our current application can do that too… with some modifications… but not completely… and of course after next years release..."
  • "We are your strategic supplier and of course we have an equivalent product in our portfolio… we can make you a better offer… since we have a good relationship…"
  • "Let's do a Proof of Concept first… I don't want to ask my boss for money because this will look like my choice… so we ask the suppliers to do it for free… if they don't do that they probably don't believe in their solution and I can write them off... the one supplier left I liked of course for years but the others had a point in showing some new things… I can always suggest that this could be the stepping stone to a corporate deal and that they should promise future changes… nobody has ever been fired for choosing the big name… let my boss decide, I only prepared the material…"


One-liners show the essence of the matter and remind us of what it is all about. The following one-liners are used a lot within the Results2Match community and sum up a lot of the driving force our associates show every day.

  • No Pain, no change; no change, no money.
  • 80/20 thinking must rule.
  • A half solution is no solution.
  • There are always more reasons not to act.
  • Don't give me problems; give solutions.
  • Make money, have fun.
  • The proof is in the results, not in the plan.
  • Any decision is a good decision.
  • If somebody does n't want help, don't help him but help another.
  • Murphy was an optimist.
  • We know it's lonely at the top, but we are your companion.

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