Waarom je bedrijf In de gemeente Leek vestigen: het goede ondernemersklimaat?

Nieuwe bedrijvigheid: een warenhuis alleen gericht op kinderen!

Ik woon in de gemeente Leek en de gemeenteraadsverkiezingen komen er weer aan. Een mooi moment om het jaarverslag 2012 van de gemeente Leek te lezen.

Want, ik wil wel eens weten waar mijn gemeente (Leek) in uitblinkt!


Mission Reinier de Graaf Hospital (RDGG): Become the Best in the Netherlands. But How?

How does a Dutch hospital become the best?

In 2010 the Delft Reinier de Graaf hospital (RDGG) wrote in their Medical Strategic Policy plan 2010-2016 that they have the vision, and the mission (!) to be the best hospital in the Netherlands by 2016. Such a statement gives me a lot of energy! But, how do they manage this?


Successfully Optimizing Non Financial Indicators

This scene from Rotterdam (NL) symbolizes the transition from old to new KPI's.

My blog on My Final Checklist of Key Performance and Non-financial Indicators (KPI's) has got quite some attention, being read more than 20,000 times! According to your reactions many of you have used my advice to implement key performance indicators for non-financial processes. However, the results seem to be mixed.

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Many Small Sustainable GRC Improvements Result In Big Gains

micro-GRC: Safeguarding against many small risks!

Governance Risk, and Compliance (GRC) implementations are necessary, but expensive. Therefore managers do not look very favorable upon GRC improvement projects. But did you ever calculated the gains of many small sustainable improvements? Many small, cheap, and fast improvements lead gradually to sustainable big gains, with little risk!


The Chief Analytics Officer (CAO): Your New Weapon For Operational Excellence!

Predictive Analysis (PA) can improve your complete business operation.

The Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) can help you with substantial benefits by applying Predictive Analytics (PA). The results of frequent simple and tedious tasks will be faster available, with a higher quality, leading to cheaper operational processes, on the fly innovating your products and services.


Performance, Risk & Compliance: different currencies or three sides of a coin?

3-sides of a coin

Talking to a lot of different parties in the world of audit, performance management and governance, I'm surprised about the isolated approach to these topics most are still taken. Specialist solutions for things like KPI-dashboards, Basel-III compliancy and  general ledger analyzers are being offered in abundance. For me the three elements can't be seen in isolation and thus investments in this area should focus on combined solutions.


Better MIS, Better Decisions. Right? Wrong!

This traffic light symbolizes the Management Control System, including the MIS.

I had a very honorable request from a client: To help to design and implement the best MIS ever! Now I am not a Business Intelligence professional, but I do know something about improving decision making processes.

Better Decisions

In order to improve decision making we need a good control system, and a good process to improve the control system. That guarantees us 3 things:


10 Elements of Management Coaching 3.0

The world in your eyes

I'm a member of a network of "50-Plus" professionals, focusing on translating our experience into formats that relate to today's business needs. A group member asked me about my vision on coaching senior management and how this differs from what is generally offered today. My observations on coaching today and tomorrow.


Maak meer handen vrij voor betere zorgverlening door verbetering van bronregistratie!

Maak meer handen vrij voor betere zorgverlening door verbetering van bronregistr

Voor mensen, die van een dynamische werkomgeving houden, is de gezondheidszorg een prima omgeving: politiek, vergrijzing en vergroening houden de gemoederen in ziekenhuizen op grote schaal bezig en zullen dit de komende jaren ook blijven doen. Een mooi moment om weer eens na te gaan hoe er meer handen vrijgemaakt kunnen worden voor de echte taak: zorgverlening!


Solution Broker: The Cloud Edition

Mirror in the cloud

Some months ago I contemplated about the often asked question: "What are you doing at the moment?". Consequently I summarized my activities as being that of a solution broker: offering a possible solution to an opportunity or for a problem. But what about the format of offering this brokerage? Traditional per hour paid business consultant? Or are there more effective ways of offering solutions?


Operational Costs of Your ERP System Can Be Reduced: By Plugging the Leaks!

Lower the operational costs of your ERP system by plugging the leaks

Organizations continuously struggle with higher operational costs of ERP systems than originally estimated. This causes budget overruns and melting away of margins. Many initiatives have been launched to cope with this issue. But which way leads to success?


Inverted KPI: minimize process exceptions (Addendum)

Stop exceptions

While talking to people about the blog on minimizing process exceptions, there was a general recognition of the usefulness of this approach. Examples of process exceptions and their impact on the business were easy enough understood. But one additional element was touched that needs to be discussed separately: the analysis of false positives.


Net Promotor Score (NPS): de motor voor autonome groei, innovatie en procesvernieuwing!

Net Promotor Score (NPS): de motor voor autonome groei, innovatie en procesverni

In elke organisatie zoeken ambitieuze, betrokken managers naar maatregelen om de autonome groei te versterken. Autonome groei geeft immers lucht in een beperkt budget en maakt daarmee nieuwe initiatieven mogelijk.

Autonome groei genereert werk!

In deze tijd van onzekerheid worden budgetten scherp ingesteld en scherp bewaakt. Er is niet veel ruimte voor nieuwe initiatieven. Innovatie en procesvernieuwing lijden daar onder.


Inverted KPI: minimize process exceptions

Expectations vs Exceptions

Over the years in many blogs we addressed the need for simple and transparent KPI's that follow closely the organizations objectives. Almost always the actual measure is based upon the actual achieving (of a percentage) of the set business goal. But there is an inverted option to get to this: the minimization of process exceptions. And with maybe an even better result.


Drastische bezuinigingen en ook er sterker uit willen komen. Maar hoe doet een gemeente dat dan?

De Leap Frog Improvement methode: Een serie gecontroleerde stappen!

Gemeenten moeten drastisch bezuinigen. En ze willen er ook sterker uit komen. Dat kan alleen door anders en meer in een integraal totaalbeeld te gaan denken. Want wat maakt nu echt verschil?

Gemeenten moeten bezuinigen

Als lagere overheid, gemeenten, provincies en waterschappen heb je het niet gemakkelijk in deze tijd. Marktconform gaan werken, overdracht van taken van het rijk en een slecht economisch tij. En ook nog bezuinigen.

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Procesverbetering: de simpelste aanpak!

Procesverbetering: het minimum dashboard kent 2 KPI's.

'Kan het echt niet simpeler?' Een verzuchting van een lezer van mijn KPI-selectie: wat kun je ermee? Antwoord: Ja. Het minimum aantal KPI's voor simpelste verbetering van je bedrijfsresultaat is 2.


My role: solution broker

Neural nodes

If you haven't seen somebody for some time, the logical question you get asked is: "And what are you doing at the moment?". Normally I will give some examples of what I'm doing or involved with. But since I seem to do quite some things in parallel it gets quite messy, letting to a response that I seem to be "quite busy" and often enough killing the conversation. So time to address this differently. As of now I'm an Information Broker!

Looking back for the last few years and analyzing how I used my time, a few keywords seem to come back:


De operationele kosten stijgen drastisch! Opties?

Defect: Hoe kan ik mijn bedrijf redden?

Ik krijg van klanten vaak te horen dat na de invoering van een ERP systeem de geplande voordelen uitblijven. Die tegenvallende voordelen, die banen kunnen kosten, blijven niet beperkt tot ERP systemen, maar komt breder voor. Ook wijzigingen van de markt van een bedrijf kan een goede reden zijn.


Mijn KPI-selectie: wat kan je er mee?

Performance: de man op de maan!

Mijn best gelezen blog gaat over mijn definitieve KPI-checklist. Maar wat kun je eigenlijk met zo'n uitgebreide lijst (overigens uitstekende) KPI's?


(Psychiatric) Health Care: Top 5 Issues (and Their Pragmatic Solutions!)

Managing health care needs a helicopter view!

Kees Bakkenist and Hans Lodder have executed a limited preliminary survey under stakeholders in the (psychiatric) health care. The objective was to check whether there are important common issues. The findings show that in the near future organizations will have to deal with very important problems, strategic as well as operational.

Our survey was executed under executives, management and employees from our own network, built during our more than 20 years of extensive consultancy in the field of (psychiatric) health care.

We classified our findings in the order of:


CFO choice: internal controls or business process monitoring

Monitor your state of health

Our business IT landscape is becoming more complex by the day. Partly because of new technologies and ongoing systems integration but more so due to governance legislation and accountability rules. The CFO is in an awkward position here: the need to know as quickly as possible what went good and wrong versus the reality of delayed aggregated reporting.


FairWarning: Your Health Care Data Access Security Solution!

Privacy breach: No Pictures!

Electronic Health Records (EHR) in health care are a mixed blessing. They are an enabler for many health care process integration activities. But they also facilitate the unauthorized access to very private data.

Recently there have been a number of high profile privacy incidents involving employees and affiliates using EHR to conduct unlawful activities such as VIP record snooping, unauthorized access to information and loss of sensitive data.


Waves of change in IT: what’s behind the Cloud?

Riding the waves

For his strategic planning and innovation charter, a CIO has to look 5 years ahead. Crushed between uncertain future demand of the own organization and the need for (far reaching) decisions today, a strategic outlook on IT may help. Although this is not an insurance policy, at least it gives the CIO the much needed option to be pro-active. But what predictions to follow?


Informal Contacts Help Selling!

This tiger symbolizes your sales teeth!

Yvette Taminiau and Liselore Berghman of the VU University Amsterdam (Netherlands) have completed an exploratitive study on the impact of informal client contacts in consultancy and accountancy. Informal contacts are a game to help selling. Also, some rules are identified, and the report sums up some hypotheses. Time to share some insights.


A CIO without an innovation charter?


Reading a press coverage of a survey amongst 2000 CIO's worldwide by Harvey Nash made me almost choke in my coffee. One of the outcomes was that CIO's fear that the lack of ICT innovation will lead to declining market share of their company. Well this is in line with what I've been advocating for years. What really disturbed me is that a very large portion of the CIO's admit to have no charter or even influence to innovate.

In short a CIO in order to be able to add value for a company must have:


Check Your Business Strategy with the McKinsey Strategy Stress Test!

Does your business strategy point the right way?

It is easy to call some approach a business strategy. But what is a strategy, and how do you know your strategy is sound? McKinsey has developed a strategy stress test, and Hans Lodder turns that test into a practical checklist. But remember the words of late Winston Churchill: "However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."


Why working in ICT is not attractive for the next generation - Solutions

Dream and reality

In a previous blog a gave my analysis of the reasons why starting a study and career in ICT is not attractive for today’s students.  Now is is time to address potential solutions to resolve this problem.

As with most issues, it is about  addressing both facts and perception to create an attractive “product”. So we need to change the actual topics that are offered in studies, the description and content of the job as well as the image around working in ICT.

Study ideas


Operational Excellence 2.0: Your Way to Sustain Business Growth and Continuity Too?

Nature takes care of its own Operational Excellence processes: Systems Thinking!

AT Kearney has performed a survey on Operational Excellence under European CEO's. A remarkable number of the CEO's did not know what Operational Excellence is, or how to achieve it. Further, many failures were reported on Operational Excellence projects. AT Kearney analyzed the results, and invented a new methodology: The Theory of Everything in Operations.


Why working in ICT is not attractive for the next generation


Facts and fiction around ICT sourcing have been over the years a regular topic in my blogs. My predictions on shortage of good ICT resources as well. Even during the deepest point of the 2009/2010 crisis. But I think that the structural shortage is even bigger than I thought.


"Branch / Organization Experience Required"

PC's are independent of branch or organization.

In many vacancy descriptions you will find the words "Branch Experience Required". Or "Organization Experience Required". I wonder why: Is this laziness?

The most plausible reasons seem to be to limit the risks that the person is not suited for the job, or that job training would take too long.

Let us assess what suited for the job means. A job is part of a system, consisting of:



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