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Advantages of the Business Process Competence Center (BPCC)

A BPCC can bring significant cost reductions optimizing extensive operational pr

Business processes are very important to an organization. Giving processes attention is therefore very worthwhile. But when do you need a Business Process Competence Center (BPCC)?

Knowledge about business processes can be seen as being part of the company assets. This is a good line of thinking. This capital management should be done by business management. Business management can decide to delegate business process management to other staff.


Competition Awareness: Have You Heard Anything About Your Competition Lately?

This ostrich race demonstrates competition awareness.

McKinsey has surveyed companies worldwide in several branches, asking those companies when they heard about the last strategic move of their competition. About half of the companies became aware of important competition changes after the new initiatives were already on the market!


"We must do something!"

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The Netherlands get a new government. At last. Much time has been spent, and much energy has been wasted. In my perception it was 1 of the worst government creations ever. The question is what caused it, and how to improve this.


Process Optimization: My Low Hanging Fruit Checklist

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Today companies are still careful before they spend money. They are still seeking options to increase customer satisfaction as well as reducing costs. Good points who are worth it always to be considered carefully. I was asked to carry out a 'low hanging fruit assessment', and find some suggestions for process optimization. But where? And how?


Systems Thinking Drives Effective and Sustaining Performance Improvement

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Recently I watched a video of John Seddon. This is remarkable, because I never did this before. But John Seddon has something to say about quality and Systems Thinking, and I want to share his ideas with you.


Cost Reduction Is Process Optimization, Leaning of Processes, And Rethinking Your IT Outsourcing Contracts

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AT Kearney suggests rethinking your IT application outsourcing contracts. In their vision outsourcing still gives many advantages. But handle it as part of other cost reduction options like process optimization and leaning of processes.


Getting Started With OpenValidator

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I got complaints. In my blog on website conformance checks I advocated the use of OpenValidator. Users find OpenValidator not so easy to use.


Options To Beat Your Low-cost Rivals

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Adrian Ryans wrote in the McKinsey Quarterly an interesting article on what you can do when you underestimate a low-cost rival. Hans Lodder discusses your options to beat your low-cost rivals.


Lean Mindset Example: A Tool Should Serve The Work!

Lean Mindset Example: A Tool Should Serve The Work!

The lean mindset lives! I get many questions on how to practice a lean mindset. An example might help!

Results2Match delivers a process optimizing service. Especially the website optimizing variant may be used as a vehicle to demonstrate lean mind set thinking. What is necessary to provide such a website optimizing service? And why makes a lean mindset a difference here?

In order to provide a service you must organize 3 streams:


Improve Your Website Performance: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is Equal to Google Analytics?

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In my website conformance checklist I present SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices. A client of mine, exploiting 500+ websites for freelance professionals, invited me to discuss the website conformance checklist.


Web 3.0 Is Coming!

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Companies are busy implementing Web 2.0: Functionality and Web Standards Conformance Best Practices. It is now time to start thinking about Web 3.0!


My Curriculum Vitae (CV) Assessment Checklist

My Curriculum Vitae (CV) Assessment Checklist

A client asked me to review a Curriculum Vitae (CV). He thought the candidate was very suited for a project he run. I was asked to give a 2nd opinion.


My Website Conformance Check Best Practices

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Forrester Research has executed a web-site check on 6 Canadian banks. The results were very bad. The most common short comings were misplaced content and functionality, inefficient task flows, illegible text and poor use of space.


Yesterday: Content Is King! Today: Content Was King!

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Sometime ago I wrote about my Drupal migration project. In one month time the traffic to that site is reduced from more than 3,000 per month to 2 per day. Google displays the home page in search results more than 1,000 times, but less than 10 persons click through to this page. What goes on? How to repair it?


The Requirements Management Checklist: Recognize a Project That Benefits from More Grip

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Sometime ago Olga Warffemius reported on the Erasmus University Medical Center (EMC) program Enabling New Initiatives. Hans van Nes observed that the paper pushing paradox inhibits grip. What can improve grip furthermore?


Do You Already Have A Lean Mindset?

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I thought I had one!


My Complexity Reduction Checklist (Or: 5Whys [5 Times Why] Is So Abstract!)

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In my last blog I advocated the 5Whys methodology as an approach to arrive at lean systems and to reduce complexity. Many of you considered this an abstract advice, and asked me whether I could give an example.


Reduce Complexity: State Key Business Requirements (KBR's)!

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Steven van het Veld, a well-known Dutch independent principal (enterprise) information architect, claims that companies spend more on their website than on their enterprise architecture. This statement seems to be in line with something else I recently heard: Organizations spend much more on their website than on business process improvement, while the Return On Investment (ROI) of business process improvement is much higher.


Transitioning a Large, 10 Year Old Website to Drupal

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Since about a year an old friend of mine is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Europa Fietsers (European Cycle Route Foundation). His largest asset, and problem child, is their website. Recently he asked my opinion on how to improve it.


On KPI's and Governmental Organizations

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This week I got a question from a reader regarding KPI's for a CIO at a Department of Defense. He wanted to know whether we could present KPI's to be fully accountable by the CIO. Now my Results2Match partner, Hans van Nes, once responded to a similar question of a reader: KPI's for a not-for-profit environment.


Improving Business Process Performance: My Approach

This week I was involved in a discussion regarding a business process performance improvement project. This projects objective is to improve the efficiency of a hospital polyclinic by reducing the number of No Show patients.


My Favorite Management Books

Recently I was asked to present my personal list of favorite management books. These quiet days between Christmas and New Year are extremely useful for reflections. So in this blog I proudly presents my thoughts on business requirements for a management book.


Key Performance and Non-financial Indicators (KPI's): My Final Checklist

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Mattison has created an impressive overview of key performance and non-financial indicators (KPI's). He calls it a Guide to Performance Measurement and Non-Financial Indicators. Curious? This is my selection, forming a very complete checklist.


Reduce Your Polyclinic No Shows Drastically Now!

Ever been sitting in a hospital waiting room, watching how a patient is called up, and he is absent? The time and effort it takes before the receptionist believes the patient will not show up? I have! And now there is solution that solves this for once and for all.

You might think that No Shows are only a problem for the hospital staff. But did you know that only for the Netherlands the yearly cost are estimated to supersede the million EUR 175? That is serious money! Apart from cost there are more disadvantages:


The Information Governance Business Case

In June 2009 Michiel Kooper of the University of Amsterdam published the paper Information governance: In search of the forgotten grail. Michiel definitely sees a need for Information Governance. My curiosity drives the question: What is the Information Governance business case?


Quality is King: Also in Health-care!

Quite a lot of people gave me a reaction on my blogs regarding the Results2Match Quality Is King! approach:Quality is King (The Theory) and Quality is King (The Pizza Restaurant Example). Most comments asked whether this type of approach to quality can be applied to not-for-profit organizations in health-care (hospitals) and government.


Why The Delft University of Technology Will Win the World Solar Challenge for the 5th Time in a Row!

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In October the World Solar Challenge will be held for the 10th time. The last 4 editions were all won by the Delft University of Technology (DUT). I am convinced it will also win this race the 5th time. I will explain why.


Karl Weick's Checklist on Organizing and Organizations

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My neighbor is a retired Corporate Operations Officer (COO) of a large American, worldwide operating financial services organization. Currently, he is reading the management book "De Prooi" ("The Prey"). This book describes how a CEO manages to break a bank with a history of 183 years, and originally established by King Willem I in 1824. It takes this CEO less than 9 years to complete the downfall of one of the top 3 of Dutch banks.


My Project Checklist

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Recently I have been blogging on subjects like driving change and master data management implementations. One of the type of questions I got is: Can you provide me with a simple project checklist? That can help me to avoid errors (and introduce new ones …)



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