"Branch / Organization Experience Required"

PC's are independent of branch or organization.

In many vacancy descriptions you will find the words "Branch Experience Required". Or "Organization Experience Required". I wonder why: Is this laziness?

The most plausible reasons seem to be to limit the risks that the person is not suited for the job, or that job training would take too long.

Let us assess what suited for the job means. A job is part of a system, consisting of:

  • Organization
  • Business process
  • System

Organization is here limited to the logical business function, the part of the larger organization where the job is located. Business process and system make sure that the person can perform his work. So the requirement that the person has experience in an organization part with the same function, is sufficient. The requirement of the same branch or the same organization is too strong.

For a person to be suited for a job we need to check:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Experience

Perhaps experience could benefit from working in the same organization. But the advantages are large if this person is fresh to the organization. He brings with him the 'best practices' of earlier assignments, and he has no blind spot for historically established 'strange' behavior of the organization.

Last not least, there are far more persons to choose from a large selection pool that is not restrained by too strong criteria.

My advice: Next time you see as a requirement for a vacancy organization experience required ask the responsible person why, and test the answer.

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