FairWarning: Your Health Care Data Access Security Solution!

Privacy breach: No Pictures!

Electronic Health Records (EHR) in health care are a mixed blessing. They are an enabler for many health care process integration activities. But they also facilitate the unauthorized access to very private data.

Recently there have been a number of high profile privacy incidents involving employees and affiliates using EHR to conduct unlawful activities such as VIP record snooping, unauthorized access to information and loss of sensitive data.

The usual solution is to install a comprehensive audit trail which produces large amounts of data. This data relies on a manual process of review which is extremely time consuming, costly and exposed to human error, thereby increasing the risk of government penalties, breach of patient trust and personal or organizational liability. In a moderate sized hospital this could give work to a group of 5 well paid specialized security employees, including a manager. And there is no guarantee that you can keep the security issues under a predefined level.

The obvious way to address these issues and become more proactive in the prevention of data security breaches is to automate this activity. FairWarning automatically audits data and uses 100+ protocols, rules and checks to find unusual behavior patterns. The benefits are:

  • Improved data security
  • Improved patient confidence
  • Supports proactive approach to data security
  • Reduce privacy incident rates
  • Reduced costs and resources

Solving issues with EHR and its possible security breaches is a very specific activity and needs specialized resources to guarantee a fair level of security. Kees Bakkenist and Hans Lodder have this competency and can help you fast and reliable. Once the you made sure the systems and protocols are in place, they can train and coach your personnel. At a yearly visit all incidents and protocols are reviewed for further improvements.

Contact Hans Lodder now for more information, and let your self be informed about all benefits without any obligation!

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