Your life is difficult enough: always decisions needed, never the right information to choose upon; always stuck between customer and operations, stakeholders and employees, costs and revenue.

We at Results2Match want to help you manage these struggles: independent and opinionated, eager to transfer knowledge and experience, not afraid of taking an opposite stand and focusing what is best for you and your organization.

Hans van Nes and Hans Lodder founded Results2Match because they had seen too many projects suffer and fail, and tremendous amounts of money wasted because of bad assumptions, bad choices, and bad management. They specialized as personal coaches for executive management. Offering business optimization solutions supports this coaching and by helping organizations to make the actual turnaround, Interim management became a logical third focus area.

Together with their network of seasoned professionals, they offer a pragmatic set of solutions which resolve Your Business Issues.

Don’t call upon Results2Match if:

  • You are looking for people that always will agree with you.
  • You are looking for gray-suited "50-page-alibi-documents".
  • You are looking for "yet another business consultant".

Do call upon Results2Match if:

  • You are ready to talk to a colleague entrepreneur and manager.
  • You are looking for crisp, substantiated and clear advise.
  • You are open for change.

Invest 45 minutes of your time to discuss what issues keep you awake and what solutions you are looking for. We will make the same time investment and we will state what we can do for you. If you believe we can help, extend the meeting for another 10 minutes to agree upon investment and results (if not, we hope your coffee was worth the trip and we might see us next time). Contact us for a first step.

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