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Hans van Nes is a seasoned senior manager with a broad interest. Hans has 30 years of international experience in delivering ICT solutions.

Hans van Nes is a seasoned senior manager with a broad spectrum of interest and almost 30 years of international experience in building organizations delivering true business value via ICT solutions.

Building or re-building organizations or business units, either as a results of mergers or from within, are a red thread throughout his career.

Selecting, coaching and motivating individuals and teams are one part of the equation, but always in balance with managing targets, costs and results.

Hans gained a broad international experience during his years with companies like James Martin Associates, Texas Instruments, Sterling Software, CA and Redwood Software, always with the drive to implement technology solutions to improve business processes. Working for both public and privately owned companies and selling to (multi)national customers from almost all industries, gave Hans a broad insight in the way organizations work (and don't work).

Having been engaged in executive management roles for over 15 years, prior to that Hans has fulfilled an almost unique combination of roles and functions: consultant, sales executive, trainer, project manager, line manager, author, etc. With this knowledge he is able to understand and coach a variety of senior managers and organizations, within and outside of ICT.

As an entrepreneur and independent management consultant, Hans can also relate to the pressure and issues of company owners.

The international aspect contributes to Hans' profile. Fluent in English and German, Hans led projects, gave training and managed organizations in both Europe and the Americas. Understanding both the opportunities and difficulties in dealing with different business cultures, is a must in today's ever more international driven economy.

Hans holds a Bachelor of Economics with specialization in legal and organizational topics.


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