Governance Challenges In Shortly Deregulated Environments

Industry watcher Gartner has noticed that companies in recently deregulated environments suffer from the same type of governance issues. Examples are companies in utilities and health care, and governance agencies.

Gartner reports that especially risk and compliance problems are common. This is caused by the short strategic planning horizon. Symptoms are:

  • A high demand for information supporting cost savings.
  • High IT investments in basic utility-like functional systems.
  • The IT architects try to gain control of key elements.

My own experience confirms these findings, though I want to add practical consideration. Such companies are driven by a management trying to improve things fast, and I appreciate that.

What they tend to neglect, is when they were young themselves, they learned how to crawl, before they learned walking. And running came even later.
Taking the 'crawl-walk-run' principle into account introduces a boundary condition to the drive to change things: It adds the 'first things first' rule!

In my opinion the first step is integration of the core operational process with a simple solution like MyInformationVault. This results in key performance indicators (KPI's), including cost figures, you can trust and you can use to drive the next phase: Usually commercialization of some sort! Other advantages: The required implementation time is short, and Return On Investment (ROI) is less then a year. Furthermore, it enables the reduction of interaction which you can use to improve both quality and transparency.

What is your approach? Share it with us and let Results2Matchknow!

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