Implementation Suggestions for the Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD)

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The Dutch association of medical doctors KNMG thinks a regional implementation of the Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD) is a far more better implementation option than a nationwide roll-out scheme.

The KNMG asks the Dutch Department of Welfare VWS and the national institute for ICT in the Health Care Nictiz very urgently to concentrate on the fast provision of uniform data exchange standards, privacy and security requirements. And stop the countrywide roll-out of the EPD.

This seems a rather drastic step of the KNMG. Their argument is that only 2 to 5% of the data exchange concerns nationwide aspects, and the rest of the data is used locally or regionally. Also, the successful local and regional implementations suffer badly from the nationwide regulations.

Now my question is whether this is a valid argument. And I think it is. Not necessary because the current regional implementation initiatives are frustrated, but because of the application of more generic principles. I would always prefer an implementation path going from specific to generic, thus taking the long and SAFE road: Step by step, ONE (1) step at the time! Or as a variation: Think global and act local!

So my advice to VWS and NICTIZ: Define a limited, but useful, consistent and extensible set of requirements on data exchange, privacy and security.

And my advice to the current implementation initiatives: Leave legacy intact, use enabling technology like MyInformationVault and Replica Data Security, for fast implementation times, to be able to implement fast changes to specifications, and to provide prototyping functionality.

All would benefit from this approach: It would leave all future options open, and it would enable fast implementations!

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