Quality is King: Also in Health-care!

Quite a lot of people gave me a reaction on my blogs regarding the Results2Match Quality Is King! approach:Quality is King (The Theory) and Quality is King (The Pizza Restaurant Example). Most comments asked whether this type of approach to quality can be applied to not-for-profit organizations in health-care (hospitals) and government.

Yes, this Quality Is King approach applies to both: profit and not-for-profit! This way of looking at quality as measurement of the performance of your organization is generic. Let us consider a health care example. A hospital has a polyclinic, and it wants to manage the polyclinic performance. Therefore, it has defined 3 business requirements:

  1. Doctors may have no idle time.
  2. The diagnostic laboratory equipment, including the lab assistants, may have no idle time.
  3. Patients may have no idle time.

You could call this quite conflicting requirements. It would take a miracle to realize all 3 requirements on the same moment in time. And if that happened, I am sure it would be a one time occasion, and would happen never again.

If all medical personnel is busy, doctors and paramedics, it is for sure that the next patients must wait, until someone becomes available.
How to solve this quite common dilemma in business requirements, and make it possible to manage the polyclinic in sophisticated way?

This is where the quality approach comes in as mentioned in my earlier quality blogs. If we are considering the effectiveness of the operation we should consider the quality as measured against the perception of people. Let us consider our polyclinic example in more detail. If the doctors are satisfied with their workload (no idle time!), the laboratory assistants are satisfied with their workload (time to seriously perform their tasks), and the patients think that their waiting time is limited compared to other situations where they have to wait, then all is well. So all it take, is to make the requirements actionable by comparing them with another value, and combining it with the perception of people.

This is a very pragmatic way to unite conflicting business requirements! It is a generic approach, which also fits your situation. So our quality concept also applies to hospitals, health care, and government.

We value your feedback. If you want to discuss our Quality Is King approach with us, please feel free to do so. We will be happy to help you with your specific situation and questions.

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This blog is written by Hans Lodder. Hans is a very experienced business process improvement consultant, specialized in driving change. Contact Hans now!

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