Turnaround management

When it is decided that things have to change, it is sometimes difficult to get it done by the same manager that was part of the problem. Sometimes it is just better to have a fresh power that can execute, take the burden op the pain around a change and can hand over the new desired situation to a more permanent manager.

For Results2Match Turnaround Management is not a purpose in itself but a means to safeguard the implementation of elements which came out of Process Optimization solutions. And of course it is also a means of showing our commitment to your continued success.

For us there are many formats which can give you’re the right interim management solution:

  • Operational manager
  • Program manager
  • Change manager
  • Board member
  • Reviewer/Arbiter

The name is not the most important element. Role, assignment, authorization and empowerment are key and should be in line with the desired change in organization and business process execution. Clear objectives and goal posts have to be agreed upon upfront and crisp performance indicators have to be set.

Results2Match is not afraid to make the actual performance a big part of their management fee. Even when an organization is in deep trouble we will find means to get a fee structure that both ensures you are undivided attention whilst still affordable by you. Also in this sense we are true business men and not the average declaration based business consultant.

Interim Management at senior executive level also requires trust between you and us: you put a part of your business in our hands and we have to commit to a never easy process of change. Start with contacting us for a confidential meeting and find out if Results2Match can help you.

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