Business Improvement, where to start: People or Processes?

Photo at blog from webmaster - 21/09/2010 - 13:30

How to get more revenue out of your business? Should you reorganize it? Or can you make your employees more effective? In my vision this is like the known chicken or egg problem: which came first.

Organizations who want to improve their effectiveness perform that by changing processes, reorganize, get more rules, new ways of working, in short by enforcing top down more new structures. As we all know, people do not want to be told, it is so much more fun to invent changes yourself.

So, is there a way to start at the other end: the employee side? This takes a lot of coordination to realize changes, although the changes will be carried by everyone. But do not underestimate the advantages if the people do it themselves!

What if we can do both at the same time: Improve processes top-down and improve the employee effectiveness bottom-up at the same time.
With MyInformationVault from Results2Match I found a way to organize the current business processes in a simple, transparent and effective way without changing them! This empowers people to be effective. The impact of transparent and effective processes makes people calm and empowers them to improve even further.

As with all problems in life: the solution is simple!

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