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Our model of a subscription based Personal Business Coach has generated quite a lot of interest. But it also resulted in a question for yet another type of coaching: the on demand coach. Are you interested in instant access to such a personal business coach?

Our coaching format differs from traditional business consulting since it does not focus on a specific topic with the usual producing of report and hour based invoicing but addresses in personal sessions at regular intervals the current questions a business person has at a fixed coaching investment.

The feedback from company owners and managers we talk to is that they like this concept because of the following reasons:

  • Focus on Me
    Not the project, not the company but the position of the individual manager is central
  • Instant feedback
    Crisp initial reactions and comments which are often enough to make a decision
  • Verbal advice
    No lengthy documents to read with semi-scientific advice and many disclaimers
  • No hidden agenda
    Sincere advice; if you like it or not, it’s up to you. If you act upon it or not, it’s up to you
  • No cost creation
    Since there are no additional consultancy mouths for us to feed, no risk on lengthy backdoor entrance

One additional element came out of the discussion: can we also instantly address stand-alone issues? This might either be a one-off or the start of a formal coaching relationship.

After some internal discussion we think we can be of assistance but again in a very specific mode, to not turn it into standard consultancy. This is what our approach would look like:

  • Email
    Send me an email with a question to contact you (e.g., phone number/time).
  • Initial Contact
    I will get in touch with you for a brief exchange on your issue. During this confidential contact I will let you know if I think I can be of assistance and we agree on a fee. If not, it ends there without costs. If yes, we agree upon follow up contact or if possible we complete the discussion on the spot.
  • Confirmation
    I will send you a confirmation on what we agreed and you will reply with an acknowledgment.
  • Detail Contact
    We discuss by phone or email exchange the details of the issue and my comments/suggestions/remarks.
  • Close
    After the above, with repeated steps if necessary and agreed upon, we declare the coaching complete for the issue and I will send an invoice.

The coaching fee is dependent on the complexity of the issue and will involve elements like expected time/number of session we both think it will need and the amount of information (if any) I have to study.

Could I help you as Instant Personal Business Coach? Let me know what you think or let's put it to the test.

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