My role: solution broker

Neural nodes

If you haven't seen somebody for some time, the logical question you get asked is: "And what are you doing at the moment?". Normally I will give some examples of what I'm doing or involved with. But since I seem to do quite some things in parallel it gets quite messy, letting to a response that I seem to be "quite busy" and often enough killing the conversation. So time to address this differently. As of now I'm an Information Broker!

Looking back for the last few years and analyzing how I used my time, a few keywords seem to come back:

  • Business
    All things have been connected with the business realm. Investigating business options, setting up business or just simply commenting on business plans.
  • Knowledge
    There always was a knowledge reason to be involved, either interest in the topic or my (perceived) experience on a topic.
  • Network
    The trigger either came from my network or I involved my network myself.
  • Innovation
    Not necessarily something completely new but at least differently packaged, designed or focused.
  • Intuition
    Some thing started with just a feeling that it was "ok" to do it.
  • Sharing
    Bringing things or people together under the assumption that "1+1=3".
  • Ego
    Last but not least ones personal ego is a powerful driver to get involved.

Critical readers will ask: and what about coincidence? Well, in my opinion there is no such thing as coincidence!

Some things I was involved with were successful or will work given time and off course there was the odd disaster. Most things that I spend my time on however never resulted in anything. Maybe this is partly due to me, being too stubborn, but in general also the logical result of being a broker. Bringing things together with or on behalf of various parties can be absolutely logical, it only becomes fruitful if "the house is sold".

So broker it is but of what kind? First I thought about information broker: intermediate between seekers and owners of information. Then I realized that although the information part is important, only the right context makes it information. A real estate broker has a given context: those that seek a house and those that own and want to sell one. In my activities this type of context is sometimes present but more often I have suggest ("What about...?") it myself. Setting the context thus is to be reflected in the type of brokerage. Idea broker? Close since it indeed involves planting ideas. In the end I voted for solution broker. I offer a solution to an opportunity or problem; if the solution is accepted is a completely different case.

The only backdrop: the parent company for Results2Match is called Solution Brokers. Again proof that coincidence does not exist.

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