Personal coaching

Being an Executive is a lonely job. Not a day without decisions to be taken, from operational to strategic. Always with lots of (too much) supporting abstract data but not nearly enough relevant business information. Customer and Board pressure is a given thing; pressure from your own MT and organization often a disturbing surprise.

It would help to have an experienced person around, one who’s been there and has no hidden agenda giving advice. You often have the right decision or solution in mind but talking about it freely, to seek comments, agreement, guidance or just empathy can make a lot of difference.

But with whom to talk to:

  • Your own CEO or Board member? They expect solutions from you, not doubts or what-if’s.
  • Peer managers ? They have their own agendas and a possible “quid pro quo”.
  • Your network? Maybe for references but not for sharing confidential information.

The solution

the solution

With MyPersonalCoach you will have your own personal coach, experienced in jobs like yours, with whom you can exchange your mind freely: open, honest, confidential and focused on your success.
With your personal coach you can discuss virtually all topics: people and organizational issues, financial topics, technical choices and personal dilemmas. Often to talk about a topic is already enough to get a fresh perspective yourselves. But a coach can also give you direct advice or even a completely different alternative. Sometimes he can also talk to others on your behalf, searching the ground for hidden elements or solutions.

It is not a weakness to have a coach. In other parts of business and society the personal coach is a commonly know factor. Politicians, top athletes, media people and captains of industry know that investing in the right personal coach pay back with interest.
The format of MyPersonalCoach is a subscription based around regular periodical meetings at your office or other location of choice. Additionally the coach can be called upon for short additional term meetings when business does not allow for delay. Optional activities like assessing reports, attending and observing meetings, detailed advice, team coaching, candidate interviewing, etc. can be agreed upon separately.


personal coaching - the benefits

Your benefits from MyPersonalCoach are clear: always access to your personal senior advisor, independent and confidential, armed with background knowledge on your specific situation. Adding value for you, your job and your organization.
Personal coaching can only work if there is a “click” between coachee and coach. Your risk is initially limited to a one hour meeting to mutually agree upon added value on a coaching relation and personal match with the suggested coach. After that you close a time limited contract with automatic renewal until you or the coach will see fit to end it.


personal coaching - the investment

Your investments are transparent: a fixed price upfront for the regular coaching sessions and declaration based invoicing with clear upfront pricing for any agreed extra activities. Interested to have your own personal coach? Invest 1 hour of your valuable time in a meeting with one of the founders of Results2Match in which we both can determine if, next to the added value, we see a personal “match” as a basis for a coaching relationship. Contact us for an appointment.

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