Wanted: The New Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Yearly, there are about 1,000 vacancies for CIO's. This large number of vacancies makes it interesting enough to check the required CIO competences for such a function.

Gartner looked into this subject, and found that the profile of the ideal CIO is changing. Originally, the successful candidate should have a technical background, and he should have working experience in technical environment.

However, today this does not suffice anymore. Besides affinity with more technical matters the candidate should also have market knowledge as well as business management experience. Thus an experienced business operations manager is a highly valued candidate!

In my opinion this way of thinking can be further improved. Earlier I pleaded in the Results2Match Community Blog for the CIO as change manager. Hans van Nes then took the opportunity to bring forward his idea for a right hand of the new CIO: The production architect! Together this iron couple can help the business to take a large step forward!

What is your opinion about the ideal CIO? We welcome your comments on this blog!

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Results2Match has a strong vision on successful fulfillment of the CIO role and result driven implementations.

This blog is written by Hans Lodder. Hans is a very experienced change management consultant and interim manager. You can contact Hans through his Results2Match email address.

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