What Role Should the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Grab?

In its recent journal Forrester discusses the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in 2008. They see 2 possibilities: The Chief Information Manager as change agent, or the Information and Computing Technology (ICT) operational excellence manager. The CIO change manager can use ICT technology to drastically reform operational business process management, and improve the fit between the company and the outside world.

The change manager helps the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with linking strategy to performance. The CIO advises the CEO how to use ICT in getting a competitive edge. This role thrives on realizing a very good business and IT alignment. In order to reach this goal this CIO type needs very experienced co-workers who make new things happen.

The ICT operational excellence manager makes sure that his ICT organization works with the lowest cost as stated in Service Level Agreements (SLA's). He can prove this by running industry wide comparisons. He will need in system management skilled ICT personnel which use approaches like Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Business Information Services Library (BISL), and Application Services Library (ASL).

In my opinion this discussion addresses the point of what is more important: An effective ICT operation or an efficient ICT operation. In my view I would always go for the 1st option, and use the 2nd option for tactical decisions. First things first. And not the other way around.

You can very well execute an operation having an effectiveness of 0% with an efficiency of 100%, as demonstrated by many organizations. Results2Match provides proven solutions demonstrating the 1st option.

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Results2Match has a strong vision on successful fulfillment of the CIO role and result driven implementations.

This blog is written by Hans Lodder. Hans is a very experienced change management consultant and interim manager. You can contact Hans through his Results2Match email address.

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