MyAssessment: Look before you leap.

The Problem

Have you ever found yourself in this situation: You have a business issue. Your organization gives you input to take a decision but are the facts clear and complete? Is it even the right issue to be decided upon? You want to do a sanity check before you decide but no consultants involved who just enlarge the issue.


This is what we see when decision have to be taken:

  • There is either too much data or none at all
  • There is a lack of relevant information
    • Dependencies
    • Risks
    • Real ROI
  • The input is one-dimensional (just technology or price)

Often the most viable choice is not presented or overseen: Just say no and stay with the current situation.


You will get answers to these questions:

  • What is the real issue?
  • What are the main elements to decide upon?
  • How are these elements weighted?
  • Need for mitigating risks?
  • What is the influence of this decision on other issues?
  • How can we explain to all the decision?
  • How do we monitor that is implemented what we decided?


A quick assessment is an insurance premium for better business decisions. Our MyAssessment approach implements this in a to-the-point fashion going for the elements that matter. Results are:

  • A crisp decision foundation;
  • Quick delivery;
  • Politics neutral advise;
  • Taking away a lot of the required non-productive preparation time;
  • On demand a willingness to implement the decision.


Any decision has risks. MyAssessment focuses especially on mitigating risks in the area of:

  • Drilling down to the real issue.
  • Neutralize political goals and coloring.
  • Losing focus due non-productive detailed discussions.
  • Implementation risk due to lack of communication.
  • Yet another strategy committee.

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