MyExecutiveTeam: The people that make your business work.

The Problem

Do you recognize these situations:

  • You have an executive team in charge of your business, but the company performance on turnover, revenue and/of profit is not meeting your expectations. Why is this? And what to do about it?
  • You want to start a new business, and you want to keep the investments as low as possible, but you need performance on growth. Fast. But how?
  • Or you are wondering whether your executive team is doing the right things? Or doing things right? But what are facts, and what is fiction?


In many situations time is running out, and you need business and financial performance fast. But you also need trust in the capabilities of the executive team. Business is always an enterprise where many disciplines work in multi-disciplinary combinations. And 1 + 1 should be more than 2.

Where people work together there are inter human conflicts. In normal day-to-day operations these conflicts are manageable and have limited impact. Then some exceptional situation comes along, as always happens. It might be a major opportunity, an image damage, or some other real challenge. And now, what is the most effective next step? Do you expect your executive team to show an adequate team performance? Or will you be more occupied with conflict management than resolving the situation?


You will get answers on questions like:

  • Are we doing the right things / the things right?
  • Do I have the right team to do it?
  • What capabilities are missing?
  • What needs to change in order to get a solution?
  • What can I afford (not) to do?
  • How to monitor and manage the process?
  • Can we calculate the resulting benefits?


By acknowledging the executive team being the cornerstone for the outcome of any situation and thus the one biggest enabling and limiting factor, any further strategic decision will be based upon:

  • Realistic business value
  • Clear defined objectives and measurable goals
  • Joined buy-in from executives
  • A balance between internal and hired capabilities.
  • Measured ROI
  • The executives capability to make a difference
  • The organizational capability to say NO


Changing is Risk. To get a controlled exposure to these risks we take a simple approach:

  1. Perform a business assessment. The result is:
    • A sound status of the current situation based on facts.
    • An overview of essential short-term actions to be executed and/or capabilities to be acquired.
    • Insight in personal agendas for all involved.
  2. Go / No go milestone (ownership, funding, time line, result metrics).
  3. Execution of the short term actions
  4. Evaluating the results and preparing the next steps.
    Our way of working is to distill and zoom in on the essential elements for creating success: Project, process, people. We believe that this is the shortest and most focused way to turnaround a frozen situation. Fix it fast and enable room for new ventures.

Contact us to discuss a MyExecutiveTeam approach for your situation, or download the MyExecutiveTeam flyer (in Dutch) now! Or contact us, and ask for the English version.

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