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The Problem

Challenges of data and information driven business process:

  • Costs per transaction are too high.
  • Changes in the business process take too long to implement.
  • Transparency of planning and control are bad.

Obstacles for improvement:

  • The current ICT systems cannot be modified within available budgets (anymore).
  • The employees cannot change (anymore).
  • There is no time/money to start all over again.


  • The market is overtaking us.
  • The operational cost go sky high.
  • Again and again bad surprises by lack of predictability.


Analysis of many look-a-like issues with data and information driven processes from a business requirements perspective, all come to the conclusion that speed of resolving is of the essence to make a turnaround. On top of that, because of the fact that the operational cost are too high already, there is ample budget available. This automatically forces into solutions that:

  • Re-use existing infrastructures as much as possible.
  • Focus upon quick tactical wins in transaction costs and quality.
  • Require no software development.
  • Can be implemented in weeks.
  • Require no employee training.


Optimized business processes showing a significant lower cost per business transaction through:

  • Transformation of the pull business process into a push business process;
  • Information flow optimization through providing just-in-time:
    • Reliable and precise information;
    • In the right format;
    • With the right level of detail.
  • Minimizing the required inter-person human interactions;
  • All transformations projects will show an ROI of at maximum 6 months; follow on projects at maximum 3 months.


Tangible benefits are:

  • Paper and print cost;
  • No software programming;
  • No extensive employee training;
  • "Green-elements": savings on the usage of paper and electricity;
  • Lower distribution and archiving costs;
  • Higher productivity per Employee;
  • Lower cost of quality.

Intangible benefits are:

  • Transparency of the business process operations;
  • Enabling of the adaptation of the business processes;
  • Standardization, quality and interoperability with other business processes.


Any project has risks. MyInformationVault focuses especially on mitigating these risks by rigorously managing on the following conditions:

  • Use the 80/20 rule.
  • The project must be business driven by the business sponsor personally.
  • Define and continuously publish on the progress of measurable results.


There are numerous information portal, data warehouse and report management solutions available. The majority of them are expensive, require technical transformation of data sources and struggle with archived and legacy information. MyInformationVault takes the complete opposite approach: collect the information that you have (paid for) already. Offering secure structured and managed by pragmatic workflow elements, supported business processes are optimized and the required investments will be paid back in no time.

Contact us to discuss a MyInformationVault approach for your situation now!

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