MyRealTimePerformance: Get informed now, and act immediately.

The Problem

To be able to manage your operational processes you need figures. To be more precisely: you need reliable actuals, and you want them when they become available. Perhaps even more important, you need actionable figures, so you know what action to undertake. The most companies the figures are produced by the financial planning and control department. The common cycle frequency is monthly. But that can be much too late for operations! What you need is a real-time business performance service.


A lot of managers are proud to run their business. And as a special interest they are running business process improvement programs. A number of improvement methods can be seen here: your own method, benchmarking, 6sigma, zero defects, lean production, Business Process Re-engineering (BRR), and others. All these methods have one thing in common: They need instantaneously actual figures. So besides a method you need tooling. To provide you with some of the tooling requirements: It must be able to acquire process as well as result information. The tool must provide a complete business performance service. It must acquire information real-time, perform some calculations, compare results with their reference, and send an SMS, email, or present the result in some other fashion.

Whether your process improvement has to do with Service Level Agreements (SLA's), Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), the Business Balanced Score Card (BBSC), or European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), or more local models as Instituut voor Nederlandse Kwaliteit (INK) and Nationaal ICT Instituut in de Zorg (NICTIZ).


MyRealTimePeformance is the solution presented by Results2Match which does all that, and more. We deliver the solution, help you with modeling your process and product, help you establish indicators and reference values, and make sure the results are presented in a way you want it.


MyRealTimePerformance provides you with the tools you need. You have all the actual operational figures at hand. Go and hunt your bonus/malus credits! MyRealTimePeformance gives you the means to pursue such goals!


The MyRealTimePerformance solution is a means to provide you with actual figures, so you can exercise performance control. It is in itself no goal to use it as vehicle for change management. That implies that you can easily start a large project covering the complete company, and get nowhere. That is not an attribute of MyRealTimePerformance, but the way you manage the implementation of our solution.


There are many dashboards like solutions around but they are limited in scope, frequency and managerial value. They either come with financial focused BI-tools or are a basic reporting tool part of an ERP solution. Most of them are a by-product for a given solution. MyRealTimePerformance takes the managers point of view as a starting position, and does not discriminate on the origin or type of the required metrics and unlike others solutions it will pay for itself through its very short ROI.

Contact us to discuss a MyRealTimePerformance approach for your situation, or download the MyRealTimePerformance flyer now!

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