Is Dislocating Technology a Change Agent?

Andy Kyte, vice-president of Gartner said during BEA World in Barcelona that dislocating technology can help a Corporate Information Officer (CIO) to stay ahead of the competition. Dislocating technology is technology that changes the execution of processes radically from how they are executed until now.

Gartner calls technology dislocating when it performs better than common technology. The top 3 items from their dislocating technology list: 1. Multi-core; 2. Web Platforms; 3. User interface.

If we combine this Gartner top 10 with the McKinsey 2008 top technology offers then the result is an eye opener. We could call this combination technology trends with business dislocating possibilities!

I recall from the McKinsey technology trends:

  • Extract more value from interaction.
  • Make business from information.
  • Expanding he frontiers of automation.

What the business clearly needs, is a solution that can enable the MacKinsey business trends through the Gartner technology trends. And that solution exists: MyInformationVault! MyInformationVault lets you extract information from any source, incl. legacy systems, and deliver it aggregated and secure to a specific person on specific time, and specific place! And a Data Ware House (DWH) is not required, nor a Business Intelligence Center of Excellence, nor anything like it.

Now that is dislocating technology!

Do you have any examples of dislocating technology?

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