Mergers Miss Consolidation Deadline Required By Law!

Bloor Research recently reported findings on the importance of information system integration during takeovers and mergers. They concluded that the lack of business attention is worrisome.

International law requires that the new company resulting from the merger or takeover reports in 3 months its consolidated financial figures. In more than 50% of the cases the joint company misses this deadline. And only 20% of the ICT managers and CIO's think that the business pays sufficient attention to ICT integration.

The MyInformationVault solution of Results2Match provides companies with a fast implementable and flexible solution. MyInformationVault extracts information from legacy systems and delivers processed consolidation report secure to an employee when and where he needs it. This inexpensive solution with an Return On Investment (ROI) of 12 months and less enables process integration and re-organizations on step by step basis.

Do you know any comparable solution? We would welcome your ideas on this. Please share your comments with the Results2Match Community!

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Results2Match has a strong vision on successful fulfillment of the CIO role and result driven implementations.

This blog is written by Hans Lodder. Hans is a very experienced change management consultant and interim manager. You can contact Hans through his Results2Match email address.

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