My Curriculum Vitae (CV) Assessment Checklist

My Curriculum Vitae (CV) Assessment Checklist

A client asked me to review a Curriculum Vitae (CV). He thought the candidate was very suited for a project he run. I was asked to give a 2nd opinion.

He provided the CV to me, and I started reading. It was really a very spectacular resume, and the match with the project role was excellent. Unfortunately, I happened to know this person, and I have done business with some of the companies he claimed to be with at the same time.

Now I do have a suspicious mind. I know that. But I did not believe a word of this CV. I did not want to give my opinion from my 'personal experience expert' view. It easily becomes a matter of he says this and I say that. So my response had to be more objective.

Then I remembered a blog from Lee. B. Salz, President of the company Sales Architects, titled "Secrets Buried in a Sales Person's Resume". In his article he mentions to have seen some 5,000 resumes of sales people. And not 1 has a sales quote achievement of 40%. I quote Lee: "Every single resume shows 100%, 200%, 2,000,000% of goal." That were fabulous people with magnificent scores!

Mr. Salz advices a 5 points checklist for a simple resume validation:

  1. Accomplishments
    If the candidate states accomplishments in his resume, ask for proof: Documentation, a reference, or something else. Check the 2 or 3 most impressive ones, or the most appropriate ones for the job.
  2. Title
    A title does not say anything. It is the responsibilities belonging to the role of the candidate that are important. Make sure that you understand those.
  3. Employer dates
    Gaps in a CV are no problem as long as you understand their significance. A candidate that disguises dates by leaving out months asks for investigation: A bit more detail is required. Let him provide the months, and then assess the reason for gaps.
  4. Training programs
    If a candidate claims to have completed training, let him provide a copy of the certificate. If there is no certificate, then chances are high that he did not complete, or even follow the course.
  5. Education degree
    If a candidate claims an education degree, then he should mention name of the institute, completed degree, and graduation date. If 1 or more are omitted, ask the candidate to provide them. And why not ask for a copy of the certificate.

This list is a simple and very adequate assessment checklist for a CV. If your candidate passes all 5 points, then you should have no hesitation to continue the evaluation process.
My earlier mentioned candidate failed in step 1.

Share your thoughts with us. Please send us your feedback. How do you assess your candidates? Are you successful that way?

Do not hesitate to contact Hans Lodder. He can also help you with assessments, the implementation of an assessment process and detailed specific assessment checks for your company.

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