The Real Value Behind Competences

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Inspired by the blog of Hans van Nes about Curiosity is back: What is the real value of people.

What distinguishes a good employee (or a friend) from others? His experience, knowledge or competences? In my vision the real value lies in the attitude of a person. In other words the mentality, the integrity, and other principles that form his character.

To improve your revenue, invest in the personal growth of your people instead of competences. Stop with competence trainings! With the right attitude, people train each other, share knowledge, and work with the commitment you need to make your company run. Get the right attitude of your people!

The limitation of finding the right people is your own level of consciousness. You cannot find people above your own level. Because you simply have no idea how they look like. So start to work on yourself. Get a coach or read a book about personal growth! And most important: Let go your ego. Your ego prevents from learning, only strong authentic people are willing to show their vulnerability, and won't stop learning.

Growing is fun. Automatically you get connected to the right people and new business comes easily!

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